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“It will improve quality and efficiency for growers”

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Schoeller Allibert, the European leader in RTP packaging solutions, will showcase its first 2017 innovation at the Fruit Logistica. Ludo Gielen, Chief Innovation Officer, explains how it will improve quality and efficiency for growers.

What type of products are you showcasing at Fruit Logistica?

“We are showcasing our range of food & agriculture packaging, suitable for all types of fruits & vegetables. Our Big Boxes are very well renown across the industry thanks to their robustness, their protective design and their adaptability. We also work with the leading pooling companies to propose easy‐to‐handle yet beautiful crates for retail stores from which the customers pick their favourite fruits and vegetables. From farms to store shelves, we assist the supply chain all the way.
For instance, we have designed the AgriLog®, a 446L harvest crate for stone fruits with a wave shape base that protects fragile fruit. This well‐ventilated Big Box helps reduce shocks while harvesting and keeps Fresh produces well‐spread during transport.”

What is your first 2017 innovation?

“This year, we are showcasing the Maximus1212® in preview at Fruit Logistica. The Maximus1212® is a strong ventilated Bix Box with the best internal volume on the market. It has 4 base pockets to prevent fruits from rolling and getting damaged or bruised from the harvesting field to road transport. Ideal for apple and pears, it protects twice as well as a traditional pallet container,
allowing farmers to get more undamaged produces out of each container (competitive tests made in May 2016 by VCBT laboratory). In terms of hygienic requirements, it can withstand deep frost and can be stored outside on long term thanks to our UV resistant material, while its fast drying slated surfaces ensure a quick handle for water sorting process.
Also available in solid versions, it meets the needs of the food processing and waste management / recycling industries.”

Where stand the benefits at Schoeller Allibert?

“Schoeller Allibert benefits stand in design and 360° packaging solutions. As the major innovator in RTP for over half a century, we constantly improve our products and develop new solutions to help transport more Fresh produces, with less damages, and at lower costs. Our recycling activity works within a circular circuit to ensure plastic is recycled and reintroduced to build identical containers or updated models with the same material for our clients. In fact, Schoeller Allibert is the first RTP Company to build a 100% recycled food‐contact crate that meets the European Food Safety Authority standards.”
For more information, please visit: www.schoellerallibert.com